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PROGRAM UNITS AND CHAIRS (click on title of PU to open description and Call for Papers)

Conflicting Truth Claims in the ClassroomNavigating the Impasse Between Cultural Memory and Historiographic Method and Sources

American Schools of Oriental Research
Roger Anderson (Independent Scholar;; second term – 2013-2016)

Arts and Religion 2015
Susan G. Carter (Marylhurst University and The California Institute of Integral Studies; and Louise M. Pare (Independent Scholar; (second term 2013-2016)

Asian and Comparative Studies
Nick Gier (University of Idaho;; fourth term 2012-2015)

Hebrew Bible 2015
Antonios Finitsis (Pacific Lutheran University;; first term 2013-2016)

History of Christianity and North American Religions 2015
Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen (Pacific Lutheran University;; second term 2012-2015) and Jon Kershner (first term 2014-2017)

New Testament and the World of Early Christianity
Kent Yinger (George Fox University; (second term 2012-2015) and Ron Clark (George Fox Evangelical Seminary; (first term 2014-2017)

Religion and Society 2015
Bruce Hiebert ( (second term 2014-2017)

Special Topics – Mormon Studies
Kirk Caudle (Brigham Young University-Idaho; and Susanna Morrill (Lewis & Clark College; (first term 2012-2015)

Theology and Philosophy of Religion 2015
Norman Metzler  (Prof. Emeritus of Theology, Concordia University, Portland; and Sarah Gallant ( (first term 2014-2017)

Study of Islam
Jocelyn Hendrickson (University of Alberta; and Paul Powers (Lewis & Clark College; (first term 2012-2015)

Women and Religion
Elizabeth Goldstein (Gonzaga University;; first term 2013-2016) and Valarie H. Ziegler (; second term 2012-2015)