AAR Regional Student Director


Beginning 2012, one graduate student in each region was elected to serve as Regional Student Director (RSD). RSDs are voting members of their regional Board of Directors.  They are responsible for representing the student members of their respective region, and facilitating student interface with the AAR.  RSDs dually serve as members of the AAR Graduate Student Committee (http://www.aarweb.org/About_AAR/Committees/Graduate_Student/default.asp).

As a member of the GSC, the RSD liaises with fellow RSDs from other regions to devise and implement student-oriented events for the AAR Annual Meeting, and to aid in the development of AAR student resources. The GSC meets bimonthly to addresses the needs and concerns of graduate students and to promote their professional development and participation in the AAR and in the academy as a whole. The RSD additionally serves on the “Student Roundtables” subcommittee of the GSC, which was assembled to organize one-hour roundtable discussions on topics of interest to graduate students, such as teaching, dissertation writing, funding, publishing, and other aspects of professional development and graduate life.

If you have any suggestions for specific roundtable discussions, or any general inquires/comments, do not hesitate to contact the RSD directly.

You may also visit our Facebook page: “Student Members of the AAR Pacific Northwest Region”: https://www.facebook.com/PNWAAR/?ref=stream